About The City Hub

A physical co-working space for Misk Foundation beneficiaries to convene in person, collaborate, learn together, and inspire one another to reach new heights. To align with the Foundation’s values, The City Hub provides a platform to showcase work through events and exhibitions. It will host several activities, workshops, and speaker sessions throughout the year. It will enable participants to learn and improve from training programs. The City Hub is a space that will enable participants and talents to discover their creativity and ignite the spark within them.


Here, in the south of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City, we offer you a world-class incubation laboratory. We feed your ambitions by supporting your ideas with business acumen and connections. This is where the unicorns of the future are being created. The City Hub provides the structure and support you need to realize your true potential and develop your unique vision.

Booking the City Hub venue

The City Hub venue is a great spot to host events from talks, workshops, panels to exhibition and forums. If you have an upcoming event and would like to explore this new great location fill in a request, we will get in contact with you with the next steps.

Upcoming Events at The City Hub


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