Job Shadowing

This program is specifically designed for you to discover yourself first, and the local market with all its variables. it will equip you with the necessary skills to explore various career paths, with a very enriching work day experience in the field or virtually with one of the experts and mentors in market pioneering entities.
Application open
20 May 2022
Application Close
06 Jun 2022


Would you like to experience a real work environment in a job sector that interests you?

Are you keen to explore your vocational personality?

Are you willing to develop your research skills to make wise career planning decisions in the future?


If yes, the MiSK Job Shadowing Program offers you the opportunity to learn, grow and develop key skills in the process! On this unique summer program, the first of its kind at the national level, participants will: 

  1. Learn about the history and future of the job market in Saudi Arabia 
  2. Explore and discover appropriate and meaningful career options
  3. Make informed higher education choices for their chosen career path


Participants engage in 15 hours of challenging online skills workshops through a collaborative and interactive learning environment featuring:

  • Specially designed animated video content 
  • Qualified Instructors who facilitate learning and reflection
  • Inspiring Mentors from the public and private sectors who share their knowledge and insights
  • Career Counselors who support the exploration of vocational personalities and help guide career planning processes


Participants also spend a 7-hour workday at a prestigious company or public sector organization in their home city. During this experience you will:

  • Shadow a company employee in a role that they’ve previously expressed interest in
  • Experience a real work environment in all its aspects 
  • Learn about job sector specifics through on-the-job observations and guided discussions
  • Engage in critical reflective tasks to help them develop a personal Career Plan to take into the future



Program Journey:


Program highlights
Training certificate
shareable training certificate
Interactive courses
4 educational courses in two hours in total
Interactive seminar
Interactive sessions with prominent experts
The Job Shadowing experience
First hand experience in your area of interest at top entities!
Program language
Mainly Arabic
Coaching Seassions
Coaching session with professional career coaches
Application criteria
  • The“Job Shadowing” Program is offered  to Saudi nationals (Both genders) ) in their High-school (Grade 10, 11 and 12)

Frequently asked questions

Online content & workshops = 15 hours remote interaction

In-field Job Shadowing Day experience = 7 hours face-to-face interaction

Total commitment = 22 hours

Participants must commit to completing all 22 hours of program content within the cohort time frame assigned to them.


Cohort 1: July 1st to August 10th 

Cohort 2: July 26th to August 25th


For the obligatory online workshops, participants will have at least two different dates to choose from for each workshop. This allows participants a degree of flexibility for managing other summer commitments that they may have. Furthermore, participants will have the option to change the assigned date of their in-field Job Shadowing Day experience if their parent/guardian requests this in writing and can provide a compelling reason for a change in assignment date to be actioned.

The course is delivered in Arabic; therefore, participants must be fluent in Arabic. However, if participants speak English, they may get an opportunity to practice their English language during the Job Shadowing Day experience and/or during their personal online Career Counseling session.

Participants attending any school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (public or private) are highly encouraged to register for this program. Participants must be Saudi nationals.

All successful applicants will receive further information about this program and guidance for the next steps on 7th June 2022 (once the registration period has ended).

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Application open
20 May 2022
Application Close
06 Jun 2022
Application Process
  1. Registration
    The student creates a new account on the program platform through simple steps
  2. Apply
    The student fills out a new application on the program platform by answering a number of questions related to their basic information, in addition to their preferences and interests.
  3. Filtration
    The admissions team receives the applications, and nominates a group of eligible students who meet the specified nomination criteria.
  4. Personal Interviews
    The admissions team sends an invitation to nominated students to conduct online personal interviews, in order to verify that they meet the nomination criteria.
  5. Initial acceptance
    Based on the results of the personal interviews, the admissions team selects a group of students and sends them conditional acceptance offers to join the program, provided that they share their parents’ consent.
  6. Parental consent
    The parents/guardians of students who receive initial acceptance are asked to sign a consent form authorizing their son's/daughter's participation onto the program.
  7. Final acceptance
    When the admissions team confirms receipt of parents’ consent forms, the final approval of the student's participation is sent with full details of their upcoming student journey.
Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their program enrollment. We will also share more program-specific information and details about your participation.

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