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Misk Startup School MasterClasses are a world-class, online entrepreneurship school that is designed to inspire, educate, and empower current and future business leaders.
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04 Feb 2022
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30 Sep 2022



Misk Startup School Masterclasses are online entrepreneurship classes where current and aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to learn about key entrepreneurship topics from successful founders and leaders who have built and scaled successful startups. 

Misk Startup School Masterclasses are designed to introduce you to the foundational concepts of entrepreneurship. They’re designed to teach fundamental entrepreneurship principles and best practices to create and scale a successful high-impact entrepreneurial venture. 

These MasterClasses are highly experiential and action-based. By taking these classes, you can expect to master key concepts in entrepreneurship. 


Current Entrepreneurship MasterClasses:

Market Validation:Here,we will teach you the process to determine or validate if there’s an actual need for your product in the market. It’s important to validate your idea early in the entrepreneurial process to ensure that you are building something that people or companies actually need and are willing to pay for.  

Meet your Market Validation instructors: 

  • Ayman Alsanad – Co-Founder & CEO of Mrsool   
  • Afnan Sheerbeni – Co-Founder of Sabbar   
  • Abdulmajeed Alsukhan – CEO & Co-Founder of Tamara 


Funding: Here,we willteach you the basics and deep dive into how to fundraise or raise money for your business. Learn about the different ways that you can raise money for your startup, the differences in fundraising rounds, equity dilution and how to best prepare for investor meetings. 

Meet your Fundraising instructors :  

  • Sarah Alsaleh – Investment Partner at Outliers Venture Capital   
  • Mohammed Alzubi – Founder and Managing Partner of Nama Venture   
  • Qusai Alsaif – CEO & Managing Director of Sadu Capital   


Team: Here, we will teach you how to build a founding team, how to think about splitting equity amongst team members and how to define roles and responsibilities in your team. Learn how to build and lead strong teams.   

Meet your Team instructors:  

  • Nour Al Hassan – Founder & CEO of Trarjma   
  • Ahmed Hamdan – Co Founder & CEO of Unifonic   
  • Mohammed Aldossary – Co Founder & CEO of Sary 


Program highlights
On Demand Content
Learn anywhere and anytime
Master Instructors
Learn from MENA’s top entrepreneur founders and investors
Quality Production
High quality production engaging content
Continued Learning
Additional learning resources to ensure comprehensive learnings on each entrepreneurship topic
1.5 hour for each course
Target Audience
Current and future entrepreneurs 

Frequently asked questions

Anyone who is interested in learning about entrepreneurship can apply to Misk Startup School MasterClasses. There are no pre-requirements to apply to this

Each MasterClass ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours. Currently, Misk Startup School MasterClasses encapsulates 6 hours of entrepreneurship content.


The MasterClasses are taught in English with Arabic subtitles 

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Application open
04 Feb 2022
Application Close
30 Sep 2022
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