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8-week program divided into online and offline sessions, workshops and one-to-one consultation to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their ideas into working Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). The program’s kill fast approach compels founders to prove their hypotheses through customer discovery and early customer traction.
Application open
01 Mar 2022
Application Close
12 Mar 2022
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This 8-week program will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to take their idea and have it become a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

During the program you’ll learn more about:

  • Inspiration and Validation of the idea
  • Design
  • Building the idea
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Financial management
  • Legal
  • Execution
  • Pitching

You will be having weekly sessions, masterclasses, and workshops to make sure that you are learning while working on your products.

Program highlights
Intensive online and offline training and workshops
Perks and services to help you build your minimal viable product
Mentorship and coaching from successful entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem professionals
Online and/or Offline meetings with entrepreneurs, potential investors and partners
Becoming a part of the Misk Alumni Community
Both Technical and Financial support to selected 50 startups for post-graduation support to help improve their MVPs
Application criteria
  • You have a tech-related idea
  • You are in the idea or MVP stage
  • You are a Saudi national or resident willing to test and launch in KSA
  • You must be able to attend all program sessions and work on enhancing your business from March 2022 - July 2022
  • You must have good command of both written and spoken English (course materials as well as final presentations will all be in English)
  • It is preferred that you have a team of 2-3 founders.
Skills you will gain:
Innovation & Creativity
Critical Thinking
computer assembly
Application open
01 Mar 2022
Application Close
12 Mar 2022
Application Process
  1. Sign up
    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile
  2. Apply
    Read the program overview and criteria if it applies to you, apply to the program by filling in the form.
  3. Application confirmation
    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming from Misk Launchpad team
Digital Certificate
This program is in partnership with
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