The Innovation Diwan

A national initiative aimed at enhancing creativity and innovation among young Saudi youth by providing youth with the opportunity to present solutions to community challenges.
Application open
24 Jul 2022
Application Close
25 Aug 2022

Innovation Diwan is a unique program that follows a crowdsourcing model of innovative solutions to solve local challenges faced by our community in the Kingdom. 

The program can be explained in four key phases including challenge selection, bootcamps, pitching, and solution adoption. Throughout this journey, young people are encouraged to apply their thinking and potentially implement it with potential adopters and partners. 

This program was specifically designed to engage Saudi youth in solving the challenges in their community by using their innovation and problem solving capabilities. 


Innovation Diwan Challenges:

Health - economic development - environmental protection - education and training - community participation


Program Stages


Idea Submission:  (Registration is available now)

Share your solution to solve one of the challenges identified above.

Skills Submission:

In order to support participants who do not have a team to develop their own idea, we will provide an opportunity to register skills that would like to support eligible ideas.

Team Forming: 

After selecting the accepted ideas, teams will be formed to attend the Innovation Diwan camp to design solutions.

Innovation Diwan Bootcamp: 

Utilizing design thinking and service design to develop your solution more thoroughly. This bootcamp will be hybrid (virtual & physical), It will include a number of interactive meetings and workshops presented by a group of experts, which will contribute to develop the solutions that are presented.

Winner Selection:

The final winning solutions will be selected based on a specific criteria at the end of the bootcamp.

Pitching & Adoption:

A pitching panel will be held for winners to pitch their solutions to a panel of potential sponsors in order to implement their solution for the community’s benefit. 




Program highlights
1 month duration
The camp starts with choosing challenges and moves through to designing creative solutions for them
Solutions Design Camp
Design solutions for the challenges proposed by young people in cooperation with experts
An expert panel
will be involved in the evaluation of all ideas
Upgrading personal skills
Improve your analytical thinking and creative design skills
Application criteria

Saudis - and progeny of a Saudi mother.

Skills you will gain:
Creative thinking
Communication skills
Social responsibility
Innovation & Creativity

Frequently asked questions

Saudis or Children of a Saudi parent from 18 and above.

Absolutely, you are able to submit a solution to more than one challenge.

 It is recommended to have a team but it is not required.

We will support you to form a team.

3 to 5 people

 Your commitment is required throughout the program. This, of course, depends upon if your solution is selected to proceed to the next phase.


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Application open
24 Jul 2022
Application Close
25 Aug 2022
Application Process
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  3. Evaluation
    We will review your application criteria and decide if this program is right for you
  4. Application confirmation
    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their program enrollment. We will also share more program-specific information and details about your participation
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