The importance of emotional intelligence

Episode One
The general definition of intelligence is the ability to acquire and understand information. In this episode with Dr. Hajji, we discussed the definition of Emotional Intelligence, how to develop it as a skill, and its importance in your personal and professional life.



The general definition of intelligence is the ability to acquire and understand information. This concept involves mathematical intelligence, which requires discerning numerical patterns and understanding arithmetic operations. It also involves linguistic intelligence, which is the comprehension of words, syntax, etc., in addition to emotional intelligence, which is the understanding of emotions and what they are. It is defined as being aware of the body's responses to all situations. Emotional intelligence is your ability as a person to understand your feelings."

This is how Mohammed Alhajji, Doctor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, director of behavioral change in many entities, and consultant in several modern sectors, initiated the discussion. He explained the meaning of intelligence in general and social intelligence in particular, and the important role it plays in personally and professionally.

The discussion addressed the importance of emotional intelligence among leaders, including their ability to read the feelings of their employees, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and invest in them positively.

Dr. Alhajji also discussed the possibility of enhancing emotional intelligence skills and the methods to achieve this, in addition to the most important skills in the work environment, including listening and anger management, and how to provide and receive criticism.

Dr. Alhajji explained the importance of observing the reactions of leaders and role models, as well as monitoring their responses to different situations, and how this can help improve their personality.

For youth to live up to their potential, our guest advised them to continuously develop their emotional intelligence skills, whether by reading or taking training courses if necessary because this will make them stand out in the business world.


Episode’s discussion points and timings:

Definition of emotional intelligence 1:55

Importance of emotional intelligence within the work environment 5:7

How to enhance emotional intelligence skills 8:00

The big five personality traits 12:4

The most important social intelligence skills people need within work environments 15:20

Unspoken laws that should be followed 22:00

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